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The publishers at Greener Magazine would like to extend an invitation to green businesses that are making a difference. If your company has a new product or service, technology or partner relationship that promises to make a positive impact, large or small, on the health of the environment please consider our offer.

Greener Magazine would like to review your press kit. If your product, resource or service fits our advertiser profile for sustainable, eco-friendly and earth safe requirements we want to place your ad free for 30 days* on the first page of Greener Magazine.

The ads have to be standard 160 x 600 skyscraper, jpg or gif format and not more than 50 kb. Greener Magazine reserves the right to conform your ad's appearance, though not its content to fit our template. Ads will be displayed as a click through to the page of your choice and you may request that the ad be changed out up to 3 times within the 30 day window.

The reason we make this offer is obviously to get you to experience first hand, Greener Magazine's exceptional value as an advertising medium. However, it is also because we want to bring to our special, very green and focused readers the newest, most innovative information on new, green value emerging products and services in the market today. Publisher

*Value not to exceed $2400.00. GM reserves the right to withdraw this offer at any time, without notice.

All ad content is the sole responsibility of the advertiser, Greener Magazine makes no claim as to the reliability or value of advertiser claims and or products.